A Bedtime Story by Spencer Slater

Give me the wild from yesterday’s fury
Give me a while to gather my speed

We don’t have time for a bedtime story

I know what you want

And I know what you need

And I may not be wiser than stories of old

Which you’ve heard all before

As the sheets unfold

Whilst I’m writing your part

As if for the stage

In our bedroom theatre

Where lovers engage

In one to one combat

Before we retreat

Catch up with our breath

And relentlessly proceed

To prolong every second

To be longer than the last

In the arch of your back

I’ll know that you’ll cast

Yourself to the part

And your purse to receive

Every bedtime story

I’ve ever conceived

In the depths of my mind

Rescue me now

Help me find

The reasons how

You came to be here

Across my bed

Naked and waiting

Like a book unread

I long for those words

That you weave

Like a spell

The suspense, the mystery, the thriller

You tell

Spencer Slater © 2011