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Sunspots written by Will Crawford
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" sweet silence sounds
no wonder it is a song."


Actual Tigers is as fierce as it is touching and serves to provide an epic & tangible familiarity to its readers. This collection includes poems such as:


Recognizing the Fragile Before It Needs Fixing

Why did you film clouds?

Love does migrate this way, more so during summer - for Scott Wannberg

Her Measurements
Watercolour of a Lighthouse 

Blurbs/Reviews for ACTUAL TIGERS

“Some poets write about what can't be there, the poems grasping after invisible butterflies. Or they mount dull lifeless moths on pages. William Crawford's poems in Actual Tigers are about what is there, deeply below the evident surface. They observe and bring to word the depth of fractal pattern, the coloration of human predicament that comes to light during yaw, pitch, and desired lift. The souls living into his poems navigate through some heavy weathers, with internal and sometimes broken compasses. Some are like Lepidoptera tigers, with fierce stripes of experience. Even the less fierce burn bright with spirit in the existential dusk. The poet himself sometimes appears and is touched by others' candled wings, or wounding accidental claws. These poems by Crawford come to life as special reading experiences by virtue of his sensitive connection to language. The lines are delivered with an artist's concern for texture and flow. Actual poems.”                      

– Tim Buck, author of Echolocation, My Dripping Brain

“When I first read William Crawford’s new book of poetry Actual Tigers, I knew he had written something very unique. With his first poetry collection Fire in the Marrow, he took the reader on an emotional exploration of darkness, life’s brevity and the raw pulse of being human.

Actual Tigers is a gravitational shift in the opposite direction with poems that announce the importance of beauty, struggles of depravation and an overall appreciation of each breath of life. There were many moments I was moved to tears by the sheer power and truth of his words.

With poems such as Country Bluebird Reimagined and Sunspots, William removes the layers 
of pretense and offers us in his unique, eloquent style of writing the truth in humanity, love and loss.

Excerpt from Sunspots:

she told me
that she first felt
the cancer inside of her
when she laughed
she said the tumors
looked like
sunspots when x-rayed
I just drive in circles
around the neighborhood
where she lived
and listen to what
she has to say
as she breaks
to be beautiful
as her grace
disrupts the disorder
of my day.

I’d like to imagine that upon writing the final word in this magnificent collection, William looked skyward and the clouds smiled. He has grown into the writer he is intended to be and this collection of poetry will leave a watermark on any reader’s soul which can never be erased.”

- Lynne Hayes, publisher, Take it to the Street Poetry Review

“William Crawford’s second full length collection, Actual Tigers, is a focused and superb 
accomplishment from one of the most spirited writers on the planet. Crawford’s intense and enigmatic character is represented faithfully in his words, and somehow, he manages to add yet another dimension to his work with his personable wit and kindness. Visionary, brutal, absolute, eloquent, heartbreaking, and awesome, Crawford is a true artist amongst a gaggle of thieves.”

- April Michelle Bratten, co-editor, Up the Staircase Quarterly & author of It Broke Anyway

"In this latest collection of poems William Crawford shape shifts through time. He takes on the existence of animals, elements, and at rare moments that of man. He gives his readers a panoramic view of what life is like through their eyes in a world where one species dominates relentlessly over everything else without love or mercy. This book is a silent film presented in poetic form to illustrate the heart cry of the author and what he holds sacred."

- Serena Wilcox, author of Sacred Parodies, editor, Leaf Garden Press

"William Crawford's forthcoming book,
Actual Tigers is an original portrait of honesty, pain, & humor. William swings from the gut and calls his own shots, landing like a true champion each and every time. I'm not overly excited with what is going on in the poetry world these days, but William is one of those rare writers who excites me to read poetry again. So, if you're looking to read "poetry" from a "poet", then don't look here because William Crawford works the line, assembling his poems with care and with ease. But, if you're looking for something that would have made Li Po swill from his joy jug of moon wine...then open Actual Tigers, read it and swallow each line with a smile because you'll never look back; it's William's best work to date."

Frank Reardon, author of Interstate Chokehold & host of Your Mother's Medicine Cabinet - Blog Talk Radio

"...through the miasma of our own misplaced hopes, quietly we are brought to our knees. This is not verse for the faint of heart or those that want their art served over easy. In the act of tearing past social veneers, comfortable truisms and glib self-rationalizations, in the genteel decimation of the blind logic of insensate existence, Crawford creates a space of distilled discovery where the reader must bring their own vulnerability to bear.  Yes, he asks much, but the rewards are many for immersion in such luminous exceptionalism." FULL REVIEW

- Constance Stadler, Editor/Author/PhD/Consultant

"Undoubtedly one of the most important collections I've read in recent years, Actual Tigers, by William Crawford, bolts from the cage with the kind of energy and drive that can only come from deep moral conviction. Poets have always examined what it means to be human. Crawford asks what it would mean to be better humans--to live with deep responsibility towards all that is sentient in this world. I can only hope that more poets will follow his lead."

-Melissa Studdard, bestselling author of Six Weeks to Yehidah, winner of the Forward National Literature Award

"... Crawford tastes a honeyed real from a higher plane where all is new, where there is the eternal now, where we can always find our burning bright asteroid. Sometimes ethereal, others candid, noble, humane, refined, idealistic, serious-minded, yet gracious, at times breathtakingly beautiful, and all tempered with a warm down-to-earthiness; you reach a vantage point, in this collection, from which to review life without the heavy blinkers of conventional limits.

From the beginning, Crawford’s genius lay in his outstanding ability to exceed the common boundaries of established truth; he is granted with the means to descry; to make a closer contact to what is called true Wisdom. Freed from the orthodox, even for an ephemeral moment, he sees the world and the problems threatening it in a purer light." FULL REVIEW

-Jacqueline A Corcoran, author of Somewhere Like Here (Selected Poems) and A View With Room.

Actual Tigers
William Crawford