After You Are You by Jack Cooper

Apryl Skies © 2012
Death is an annoying little man
who is never wrong
or fooled for long and always and never on time
Beneath the law
and above the law
he's accountable to no one
and has nothing better to do
than tidy up
after you are you
Levels pressures counts rates
up today down tomorrow
eat this do that, 
take those who knows
when he'll come around
and poke a hole in a friend
with an old ugly stick
that has a nail in the end
and sweep away your sunsets
and beaches, little kids and peaches
So better do something better than wait
like trying to cultivate 
the undeath side of you
the Plutarch-Mozart-Bogart-
Donatello-Longfellow-Saul Bellow-
Joan of Arc-Rosa Parks side of you
the unpayable-unstoppable
unsweepable-keepable side of you
because Death has nothing better to do
than poke a hole in you

                                                                 jack cooper ©2012