Albert George Geiser

Albert Geiser took the strategy of going to several writing conference workshops and studying with prominent poets, mostly between the years 2001 and 2007.   The most influential workshop was at Centrum In Port Townsend with Bhanu Kapil, where she led five of the poets on a long day's journey to the cliffs at the ocean, calling them "the edge poets".    That was the most influential on Albert's philosophical direction. 

Geiser is a believer in staying on the perimeter of academia.   While not terribly interested in making money, he relied heavily on inheritances, before going broke in late 2008, falling into sync with the economic wave.

Albert now lives in a condo now with a wealthy roommate, and writes while looking at the condo swimming pool and two giant Kentucky Coffeetrees which are on separate sides of the Mason Dixon Line which runs through the condo parking lot.