I walked in darkness and an angel
found me or I found her
I never could be sure
and though she'd lost her wings and halo
she took me close enough to heaven
while she kept my feet on the ground
it is the story of my three loves
but heaven was never quite what I expected
it has its own demands and strictures
even when it stays close to Earth
I walked out of one, not sure I was ready
I lost one, sure I was unready
and so far have worked well enough
to remain in the third
thank you, angels, for all the ways you cared
for loving me when you did,
and loving me as you do
I'm pretty sure no heaven awaits me when I die
but how could I need it, having shared yours?

Wyatt Underwood © 2011

we all move through © Apryl Skies


Wyatt Underwood: Poetry (Luna)tic

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