Amanda La Pera

"Painters interpret life, writers bring words to life. "  

Amanda LaPera paints life with words. Growing up in the High Desert, LaPera found inspiration in the vibrant sunsets and monstrously powerful thunderstorms, along with what her grandma called "sheet lightning." She began to write in grade school, but stopped in college for reasons she declines to mention.

Amanda's life drastically altered course when her beloved father disappeared on a trip that involved four continents, thirty countries, thirteen wives and a lost fortune, finally returning to the United States homeless. This painful experience inspired her to complete her first non-fiction book, Losing Dad, and in a round-a-bought way, helped her to reconnect with her sense of humor and her passion for writing. With, Losing Dad, Amanda hopes to increase awareness, provide comfort and offer hope for those coping with loss or mental illness.


Since completing her first book, La Pera went on to write another, and hasn't stopped writing since. Her short stories have been published in The Midwest Literary magazine, The Short Humour Site, and Pill Hill Press's Flash Fiction Anthology. In addition, she has been interviewed several times on Blog Talk Radio.

Proud Contributor of 
the Amazon Best Seller 
In the Company of Women