Amedéo Bérézet

A conceptual anarchist, I am a late-bloomer to the field (10 years experience) who believes that it is only through concept and perception that Art can continue to move forward. I am of the opinion that Art has come to terms with mere feeling; that parallax & relativism, is the next step forward---that the images borne from the Idea, permeates all sentience. The perception of space and time in which that space is analyzed has many profound treasures waiting to be discovered. I believe that an Artist's Credo should be the center focus, save his/her work itself---and not the Artist oneself. An iconoclast of expressionism, I seek to wreak and temper the emotions, as I believe they are tools, rather than motifs themselves. I am fond of Monticelli, Bosch and Yves Tanguy.

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Oh My Karmic Hunger

The Doll all Children Come to Worship (Coming Soon)