Another Lesson Learned

“Don’t trust anybody.  
Nobody here will do you right.”

-first street kid I ran into in Hollywood...

a runaway just taking a break
from dark of Hollywood streets
14 years of wide aging eyes

a squat-of sorts anyway
in Newhall we sat around a mirror
really just a table for a game of quarters

nihilist without a cause
always stirring up some shit
checks sometimes my ass couldn’t cash

discussion turns to go
like rounding a corner and walking
face first into brick wall of unpleasant disposition

a fist smashes the mirror-table
in defense of god from my atheist
flies an unforgiving corner of jagged frisbee

LA County Fire arrive
a bloody 2am scene in the making
what’s your name son?

nihilist with a cause    
not facing the ‘rents
I can’t tell you just bandage me up
I’ll be on my way

nose split open an inch and half gash millimeters
from left eye and blood careening off chin

all choice in the matter removed

nihilist without a cause mummy wrapped
can I have a smoke
a resounding no heard from the crowd

Henry Mayo Newhall Hospital
over what seemed just gnarly laceration
after all the mirror was busted

ER doc chastises youthful indiscretion
along with choice of hour for interrupting her day
getting my face smashed in god’s name

nihilist without a cause
shut up old lady and do your thing
that I will insolent one but first parental release

trapped as a coyote
chewing off an arm not an option
waiting in angst

in luck Uncle shows up
none too happy but a far better option
than he of my paternity

oon enough I’d face him
50 stitches and a smoke (thanks Uncle) later
this wasn’t gonna be pretty

in the house narcissism built
think the wound spared a worse fate
sitting before them in body yet of mind distant

finding myself adrift amongst
an amalgam of disparate thought though
of some thematic commonality

weighing the world with a child’s scale-
is a nihilist with a cause still a nihilist
or just a confused anarchist?
s a nihilist without a cause a redundancy?

philosophical esoterica an odd obsession
for distant youth of acute apatheia;
a vault no blow could penetrate however

blood drips flavor of death on tongue
trying for a nose breath through gauze gag
coughing up result of the favored excuse,
free-will granted

shoulders slumped exhausted
a tirade escaped in theoretical machination            
(magic carpet of choice)
seeing lips move hearing not

remembering the lesson
that nobody would do me right
I sneak off incredulous

shaking my head
nowing once and for all
no one up there had my back

and to none would I bow

Danny Baker © 2012