Another Vineyard ~by Apryl Skies


"The sublime beasts I paint in my dreaming hold no beauty or mystery to the roaring dragons of your eyes..."

In the distance lies a fragrant vineyard rowed and hedged,
the twisted vine of passion's toil
hammered down the demons
of yesterdays desires to feather angels bloodied by thorn, calloused by word.

Somewhere near the rocking tides
and horse-galloping sands,
awakened as night blooms,
an ocean winded quiet soothes on a
lonely moon-shadowed path, jaded serene a journey traveled only by silhouettes...

In another vineyard,
blossoms turn toward your
sunflower eyes,
watching with dagger-pierced heartfire.

Once meadows bloomed only for you but now in the sun-turned warmth of a distant soulfire, they fade from jewel to gray and astray are my thoughts under this blackened starlight,
coloring every cloud with curious wonder

Where are the dragons you promised?
Are they made only of clay?

Hidden in the depths

of tear-stained parchment,
torn pages and fragile fingers
words unseen scrolling
beneath the scowls of a lucid heaven

Even words have become
weary of my song
for there is only one I can sing
under this sky
and I wait alone,
knees to chest heart to home,
all tears to heaven

You told me once
that dragons dance the clouds.

but their magic has
burned my hands
and I have gone blind

It is done.

The world has forgotten my name,
the candle of my days

a number pulled from shipwreck shores

A copper mirage of quiet shimmer echoes a distant laughter
over the crest of rolling,
brush-darkened hills,
But in another vineyard
where flowers bloom
and fruit smiles ripened
your eyes turn with out hesitation
they turn from gray to jewel


           Apryl Skies © 2011





Another Vineyard by Apryl Skies


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