Anti-Poem by JR Phillips


JR Phillips - Urban Desert Cabaret Apryl Skies  © 2013

Try as you might, try as you might no one is listening. Coddle the
microphone, emphasize your consonants, careful with the sibilants, make spontaneous gestures with your hands, read slowly, speak clearly. No one is really listening. Oh the audience is always polite. They know the trauma of public oration, the need for approval, the need for acceptance, so they are merciful and compassionate. They are generous with their applause. The fact is it’s all been said before. Mostly in a much more effective manner, in a much more poetic sense. The innocence of childhood, the wonders of nature, the certainty of death, the intensity of sex... It’s all been said before. We’ve reached the point where only the government, through the tax-payer, sees purpose in all this public posturing. I, for one, say it’s time to end all grants, all tax-payer assistance and support and let the real cream rise to the surface. Ginsberg and Bukowski were never received politely in the parasitic literary circles of academia. Yet their rogue banter is translated into a hundred different languages world-wide. It’s time to take the politics out of poetry. Time to end all the ass-kissing andcock-sucking. Time to set aside all previous beliefs and assumptions about art. Time to start fresh, see with new eyes, speak a new tongue, 
make a new start.

                                                                 JRP © 2011