As If by Apryl Skies

As if…
longing had not a face
and the skies of heaven
have not faded
black against night
nor the sea burnt
ocean to obsidian;
a shattered drumbeat
sorrow to lyric

As if…
in my darkest moments
there is ever a hope of light
without you;
the ocean of my empty;
a brush, skin to skin
the soft comfort
of voice and silences,
measured only
in wind and echo

As if…
I have never spoken
nor my hands
ever painted a canvas
brushed to sunsets
nor watched the ocean
withdrawl seaward

As if...
I had not ears to hear

a lyrical rainbow of tears
lips to quill,
nor wrote them
watching them burn
against eyes
so broken-blue;


As if
love had any other

Apryl Skies © 2011

Black Rock by Apryl Skies © 2011

As If... from the poetry collection
A Song Beneath Silence by Apryl Skies


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