B Morino

A collection of single-panel cartoons about living in, around, and in spite of, Hollywood. When the Town’s got you down, take a break from the action, grab The Big “H”, and have a laugh or two (or more than several) at Hollywood’s expense. In this collection of single-panel cartoons, nothing (and nobody) is safe from the “slightly” exaggerated scrutiny of a cartoonist who exists within the bizarre confines of a community where reality, make-believe, and general psychosis are indecipherable from one another. The selections run the gamut of people, professions, and predicaments. So, whoever or whatever is responsible for your bad day -- whether it be a writer, director, actor, producer, some below-the-line hack, or a "mosher" (gotta buy the book to find out what it means) -- surely has his or hers coming to them within the pages of this take-everywhere book. Unless you’ve got nothing to do with the "industry". If that’s the case, buy the book anyways. It’s really funny, and far and away a better entertainment value than a crap summer action flick and a bag of popcorn. It SIZZLES!!! It's money in the bank, babe!!

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