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Back to Back: Two Poets Under One Roof

"Lois and Larry’s writing emerge from direct experiences.  The language is as close to the reality of experience as can be.  There seem to be no frills or distance in the work.   If Lois writes of childhood, she is a child.  Both poets strive for this voice of immediacy and reality.  Even the pace of Larry’s line breaks add to the sense of authenticity. These are poets who have worked hard to make poetry an integral part of their daily breath."

Professor Karen Alkalay - Gut 
Department of English, Tel Aviv University

"poetry now, which also partly (and necessarily) feeds off such continuous threatening atmosphere, as been instilled in youth yet also still as lively manner of being geopolitically "embedded", needs its fierceness and its frailty both. it is the mysterious force binding them together, "back to back", lovingly sharing an existence not only in love "after all those years" but also being productive and actualist poets able to, mutually, "give it a look first" as connoisseurs and critics of  both their poetries themselves. somehow this "back to back-vignette" radiates the power as also being condensed in the star of David, with its strong lines, its secret heliotropism as it follows the Mediterranean sun and the rich content of its intricate emblem of a people, willing never to give up such majestic and strewn identity." 

FULL REVIEW by Aad de Gids - Poet

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Lois Michal Unger and E.L.Freifeld are among the most colorful and fascinating figures brought by the immigration from English-speaking countries to Israel. Husband and wife, both poets, creating in multi-disciplinary areas, working in the space between poetry and music,  poetry and cinema and poetry and photography.


Both independent artists, imbued in the heritage of the Sixties generation in America as well as the history of Jewish and Hebrew culture, a mixture of American and Israeli views. They experience the world through the language of poetry as naturally in Vermont, Broadway or Tel - Aviv.


FULL REVIEW by Rafi Weichert - Poet, translator and Editor in Chief "Keshev Publishing House"

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"The poems in Back to Back are deeply rooted in the kind of life, light and darkness that blooms and sings best in the spaces between the pressed flesh of lovers. The music here is rich, in the moment, on fire with life...

It is in this very place we discover the natural bridge these two souls form when read together. One that can never burn, spanning time and continent. An eclectic, electric main line from Brooklyn to Tel Aviv and all of those soulful, heart food/heartache joints in between." FULL REVIEW          

William Crawford - Author of Actual Tigers & Fire in the Marrow