Barbara Moore


Edgar Allan Poet's 2013
Sundress Award
Best of the Net Nominee!

Poetry by Barbara Moore:

Barbara Moore from New York is a brilliant writer of unadulterated, heavy-hitting dynamics. Always stripped to the bone, her work is a bullet into fruit, embodying all that is essential with a sagacious, wise & witty slant. Her work is sensory, emotional and tangible leaving enough mystery and flavor to savor in the aftermath.
Moore's work is multi-layered and memorable in its simplicity, giving the reader much to reflect upon.  Poetry that evokes the desire to revisit is what she creates with her words and vision.  With the tendency to unfold like an accordion of truth and precision, her poetry is hard not to love.

Barbara's work has appeared in poetry journals such as The Montucky Review, Gutter Eloquence, Wild Goose Poetry Review, Clockwise Cat, Red Fez, Fearless, Guerilla Pamphlets, Heroin Love Songs, Lines Written w/a Razor and Here and Now.

 Barbara's poetry also appears in several anthologies including the #1 Amazon Best Seller, March 2012, In The Company of Women: An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House, How Dirty Girls Get Clean: An Anthology of Wicked Women Writes, Art and Subversive Scholarship, as well as …and it happened under cover Nightwing Publications

Moore's first collection of poetry, Dancing on Broken Glass is forthcoming later this year.

The link to Barbara's blog is: