Before Dawn by Jack Cooper

                       Bermuda Triangle at Dawn by Apryl Skies © 2012 

I like the world before dawn 
when nothing has been decided yet,

not the meaning of yesterday,


not the fate of tomorrow.

Some of the birds have a clue it’s true

but most of creation isn’t sure


how to read the leaves.

Even the cat doesn’t know

where it’s going to nap all day.


I like to throw open my window

to a big moon medallion

on the long dark neck


of the sky above the garden.

I like the way silence prevails

in the workplace of spiders and bats


and a vast stillness gathers around

as if I were witness to some secret

ceremony of the elements

hooded spirits preparing to bless

the birth of the new.

This morning, as I watch


the pink cheeks of the baby day

break through the clouds

on the prostrate hills,


she doesn’t look like fate,

like original sin,

and I can’t help but think


we really can start over,

between fires.

 Jack Cooper © 2013
First Published, Across My Silence, World Audience, Inc., New York, NY, February 2007