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Bina Gupta, has an ongoing romance with words, using them to effectively and beautifully convey the shades and nuances of life’s interactions. Surviving and experiencing the failures and small triumphs life offers up, Ms. Gupta has achieved not only serenity, but a fine and final acceptance of who she is and what makes her tick. Born in India and raised in Mumbai, Bina has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the Bombay University and uses her unique perspective to her advantage as a writer. Having divided most of her adult life between India and the States, she carries with her a deeply felt passion for writing and has been developing her creative talent since the mid-70’s while living and working in Cleveland, Ohio. Her creative juices have come to fruition in her collections of work, My Heart On My Sleeve and Handful of Fireflies which can both be purchased through Works from this collection have been published in several poetry anthologies including
PROSOPISIA, an interational journal of poetry and creative writing, Eves
Times Chennai as well as (Paris), both e-zines, as well as a recent publication, entitled Ripples. Her work has also been selected to appear on the site.


In addition, five pieces of her work were also included as part of a permanent exhibit related to the World Trade Center attack featured at the Museum of Chinese of the Americas (MoCA) a tremendous achievement and acknowledgement of her talents.


Bina is married, working and living in Brooklyn, New York and her work is featured in the newly released, In The Company of Women, An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class (March 2012).