Blue by Danny Baker

                                                                               Paia © Apryl Skies

waves crash spine snapping acrimony
atop a blue child unable to break free from binds of
incessant perpetual melancholy numb
although outer appearance lies a convincing tale
truth is found in dying eyes
staring at paradise through blackened shades
seeing what dead eyes see
if they’re lucky enough to belong to the dead
otherwise they are but
bulbs of myopic sadness pressed for a better outlook
by heart pumping black
the branches stand or fall with nature’s blessing or curse
geckos do gecko things sunning themselves
feral cats do feral cat things perpetrating abject mayhem
her mountain wakes to prancing sun sparkle
below dolphins do dolphin things swimming jumping spinning
soon all to sleep under blanket of white cloud
depressive stress in greatest need of rest gets no vacation hours
a dejected child stays so while seeking a hacksaw
to remove cuffs holding him to jagged rock where wave meets shore
lacking concern for the hostage sweating sad
drowning in the kill zone unable to see the beauty of angry waters
seemingly intent on keeping him as a play thing
while escape from its whitewash of anguish is the one and only aim
of the boy stranded in his own sea of blue

Danny Baker © 2012

By Danny Baker