Brian Heffron

Brian Heffron is a staff writer, director and producer at KLCS-TV in Los Angeles, an educational PBS station licensed to the LA School District. There he creates programming to assist and improve student outcomes.

He got his first television set experience in the world of Advertising working for WRK, where he learned the ropes of production and produced his first commercials.

With a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Writing from Emerson College, he has worked in Los Angeles since the early nineties as a screenwriter and TV producer/director.

A multi award winner, Brian is credited with creating the first animated web series on AOL entitled "Hollywood Nights", and he was the creative director of a software and art company that created the fifty thousand clip-art images contained within MSWord.

Heffron has been writing since he first met Christopher Robin and Winnie the Poo. "Go, Dog, Go!" was a strong early influence and remains so. His poetry is deeply romantic and infused with images of nature and love, and hopefully, humor.