Burnt Offering by Gloria J. Wimberley

I am a statue
of marble
created to mark
a time of glory for Man
~a time of warring winds
and indifferent rains
The sun
is a smiling sculptor
who etches lines
with his fingers
on my stoic
face / facade
In my moonward darkness
tears have sweat
from my insides
to form a pool of pity
about to dynamite
this dam / damn (ed)
~but then I'd be nothing
but another fallen ruin
(forgotten rubble and faceless dust)
~but then I guess
the sun-sculptor
has known this, as every season
with strokes
of airiest gold
he has touched me
(scarred me)
so the swans
stare unkindly now
Then the fairies dance feverishly
in a ring
of noonday flame: vermillion~jacynth~xanthous
around me...
Stoically sunward
I am still a statue
ever-shadowed by Time
when they collapse
near the melted sundial

Gloria J. Wimberley © 2011