Canyon's Quest by Tracie Skarbo

Wind swept curves of sandstone
solid beauty bordering on grotesque
layers of eternity
stare with blatant, bored, disregard
night shadows offer no sympathy
only transparent frigid whisper

Dawn awakens the sky
and sunlight crawls up walls
winking heated kisses upon
ankles and toes
kindling memories long forgotten
and those yet to be born

This is where real merit is tested
both physical and mental will bear
the brunt of experience
the desert will suck sanity dry
making mental musing sharp with clarity

Past moments become joyful theater
to drive out of the pain and confusion
as elements continue to taunt and tease
confessions of what should-have-been-done’s
haunt as they dance out of reach

Separation is salvation
look past the illusions of desert madness
pry yourself from destinies path
choose your slice of reality

Look into the eyes of fragility,
within the heart of a raven
and emerge victorious

by Tracie Skarbo

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