Chris J. Miller

Chris J. Miller is an award-winning filmmaker, a composer and the mastermind behind Razorwire Pictures. He sorts mail, eyes the lens with intensity & often suffers from vertigo.

He enjoys eating bananas, bad frozen pizza and his first choice for breakfast is pink bunnies and rainbows, scrambled. When he drinks, it is the most interesting beer in the world. It gives him super human powers and he likes it.

Miller is a writer inspired by the macabre and grotesque. He writes a plethora of tales that are often considered taboo.

Being banned on every continent, he has since begun writing under a top secret moniker that cannot be translated into any known language. He changes his hair color weekly and wears fake mustaches. Some of his disguises are so elaborate even his mother cannot recognize him.

His films are so horrifying, zombies have considered them documentaries.