Cklara Moradian

"Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those who dared believe that something inside of them was superior in circumstance"
Bruce Barton

She is passionate, she is adamant, she is vibrant...she is Cklara Moradian,  a Kurdish-American writer, spoken-word artist, poet and columnist. Conceived and raised by human rights activists and survivors of the notorious prisons of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Cklara's commitment to human rights was developed at an early age. She spent most of her childhood as a refugee in several countries before arriving in the United States. The memories of her childhood, all she has witnessed, as well as her parents' memoirs have become the foundation for much of her writing. Currently she is a community organizer, an active member of Amnesty International, and on the board of several NGOs. She uses spoken word poetry, theater and arts to break through to her generations’ epidemic of apathy and cynicism.

Cklara is currently studying Philosophy and working on a book and is a welcome addition to  

In The Company of Women.