Cotillion Eye Glinting Down by Gloria J Wimberley

Blackrock By Apryl Skies
The scythe of earth
hangs like a hammock
between cenicitas ("little ashes")
to shimmy like a shark
~lythe phallic symbol: breathing
inside the tapestry-rose 
lining of the executioner's mask:
he filled the guillotine 
with bloodblisters of stars
until a Spanish galleon
of "Blue Gato Delong" 
ghostly lit
the spectral trail
of Packard-Mustang-Chevy

Singing trees
like rain
dredge the air
with leaf-lyrics
and unchidden children
like parrots:
Where are their piratical parents
to Jolly Roger 
them into a sirensong
of silence? 
To chatter, nay, 
like a Fauvist parrot,
but to float sirenly and serenely
on a patina-pond
as a Monet waterlily 
sprouting from Gala's
unsevered, unbloodied
eye socket
of Emporda

From "Dialect of Dahlias"