Daniel Armstrong

Daniel Abbott Armstrong is a second generation Southern Californian or three-quarter Illinoisan, depending on how you slice the genealogical pie. Go back far enough and he's just another Heinz 57, but basically he's 50 percent 'cellist and 50 percent journeyman electrician. The youngest of seven, Armstrong has written and read poetry since childhood. 

Daniel’s  oldest surviving work dates to the eleventh grade, when he scribbled some surfer poetry in the margins of his math book. He moved to Maryland from California in 2000 and has since had his work published in Poet’s Ink, Fledgling Rag, The TMP Irregular, Rubber Side Down: The Anthology of Biker Poetry, Delaware Poetry Review, The Hanover Evening Sun, The Frederick News Post, and a variety of  other media outlets. He lives in Frederick, Maryland with his fiancee’, too-wise-for-his-years teenage son, cats Eeyore and Kali, dogs Parker and Her Ladyship, the Intrepid Jojo Popcorn, and his Triumph motorcycle. Daniel is best known for the eight years he spent hosting the weekly Dreamers Poetry Series in Frederick.