Dialect Of Dahlias

Congratulations to author, Gloria J. Wimberley
on her nomination for the Pushcart Award
for Dialect of Dahlias!


An Amazon Best-Seller, Dialect of Dahlias
was # 1 in the Poetry/Women Authors category
of Amazon from May - August 2012!


Dialect of Dahlias, Gloria Wimberley's debut volume of poetry, is artistically off-the-beaten path at inky indigo of twilight (where fairies tiptoe and satyrs skip) deep in the ethereal, sylvan recesses of our psyche, a creative forest unto itself. Via her versifying, moonlight can be pure and cleansing, or as painfully incriminating as a brand on fresh. Both the nocturnal and diurnal rhythms of Life explored in her 3 distinct poetic styles: narrative, surrealistic, and blended--Pick a "Lily" or embrace a "Leper" in her fanciful forest. Serious readers of 21st century poetry will discover that the various personas speaking in Dialect of Dahlias are assuredly magical, mesmerizing and meaningful.


"In Dialect of Dahlias author Gloria J. Wimberley resolves to 'get black on white' in her poem Swill of Swain and with reading this line I appreciate the mindset guiding her hand. Her words issue waltz and tangle and beguile; the reader is immersed in refashioned reality. Read and then re-read Gloria's work to
capture every intriguing nuance."

Wanda Morrow Clevenger, author of
This Same Small Town in Each of Us

“Scattered lines, some long as tomorrow’s memories of child-hood of Foxtrots, Yahtzee, Bobby Vinton, Pixy Stix, and other memorabilia…feeling so familiar and so strange, and then the shortness of lines, making me stop breathless. Every once in a while she throws in alliteration, making me wonder if the voice of Hopkins or Dylan Thomas were present.”
Martin Willitts Jr., author of Secrets No One Talks
(Dos Madras Press, 2011) and many other chapbooks

  Dahlias & A Chocolate Typewriter