Divination by Bina Gupta

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself
that you have built against it.” rumi


loose leaf tea © apryl skies
                                     If I could read tea leaves

                                     I would weave magic
                                     Framed in the silvery

                          Warmth of my wishes
                          and hopes for you
                          my baby

                          If I could read palms
                          I would find lines that
                          Promise love prosperity and
                          Happiness with wishes- fruitful
                          And bountiful for you
                          My baby

                          If I could divine your
                          Birth chart, I would 
                          Will the planets to move favorably
                          eschewing malefic glances, throwing
                          Benign avuncular looks your way
                          My baby

                          If I could ensure a happy life
                          By encasing your slim fingers
                          With lucky birthstone rings
                          I would plunder and buy up the
                          Best of best on the market for you
                          My baby

                          If I could change the future
                          Making it the rosiest for you by
                          Going the Feng Shui way
                          With our home’s makeover
                          I would in a heart beat
                          My baby

                          If I could my baby
                          I would give up my life
                          Gladly for you to make
                          You happy but, do know
                          Life is what you will make
                          Of it all on your own

bina gupta ©2011