Dwayne St. Romain

Dwayne St.Romain is a storyteller. He is also evidence that creative drive transcends medium. A musician who took up poetry as a learning tool for songwriting, his songs have been published for A&M records acts and recorded by groups including the Neville Brothers and the Meters. His most recent poems published are "Flying Horses" and "Schizophrenic Born" featured in U magazine II and IV. His words are rich in visual and auditory experience best enjoyed when read aloud. Foremost he is a passionate and natural storyteller devoted to the idea the lyrically or poetically the story comes first. Look for his new works due out in 2012 and 2013 are in music the album "Ghosts of Harmony Church" by his band Baba Fatz; the novel A Groom's Tale and a collection of poems and short stories titled "Tales That Care Forgot."