Evening Heat by Yvonne de la Vega

In the Evening Heat
under sweat clinging sheets
with a mini-blind
moonlight shower,
I sleep.
Interval sleep,
first light then deep,
I am awakened by
a small boy's grinding teeth,
and the passing regret that
in the summertime, all the babies
sleep with blackened feet.
For there are no rules about
socks and shoes on
a sidewalk playground
Summer beat…
the blues of mid-July,
come August all rules
I am the Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands
of whom the prophet Dylan says,  "will have no man",
I sleep spread eagle and I don't care
about beauty come morning
my smell or my hair.
And yes, I have loved as deep as my depth.
And yet, I have seen every love affair's death.
But I keep the faith and I do pray yet,
that I don't sleep alone too much longer.
in the evening heat
smoldering asphalt cools,
to make way for
geranium kisses, and
strawberry jewels glowing
in a trellised flower bed,
softly lit by a porch light
60 Watt overhead,
this lady's phony false alarm
to ward off the
serial killers that charm
when either
the moon is full or
the heat wave persists,
under ceiling fan dreams
spinning tea party madness
while bedroom windows
flirtingly beckon,
"Come hither..."
In the evening heat
I dream…
In my dreams you and I
are sitting high on the bluff side.
My wrist was tied to yours at the cliff's edge.
We'd flick our cigarettes to arc up then down
embers spiraling into electric
fluorescence crashing forward
in a night when edges
are left to fate
our footing at heaven's gate...
At dawn a pod of dolphins
calling to us from far below:
"you made it look! the light!"
Seagulls laugh.
And, the whole world is with us
in the dark of
thee most divine night
waiting for the savior
that dawn of light
heads bowed and giving thanks
because demons passing thru
were never this behaved.
But the
Righteous and
the Innocent
the Sad Eyed
are saved,
as the danger hour passes
and the Lowlands are bathed
in the Blue Light,
The promise we'll
open eyes to sun scathe,
mini-blinded by the light
of just one more
mid-July day, 
by the Light...
Yvonne de la Vega © 2011

daymoon by Apryl Skies © 2012


Yvonne de la Vega

A Soul Wide Open
 -by Apryl Skies