Fantasy Parisian Natural Habitat by Jessica Wilson

Villa Savoye at Poissy-sur-Seine

Le Corbusier, 
your 5 points of living
within the machine.
This modern deity constructed 
out of pure stone,
heaven awaits. Your pillars
leave little room
for one to catch your eye. 
The monk on the mountain --
mighty, throbbing below a felt cloth. 
Swishing above tips
of skin, the mountain topples.
Windows are ribboned, 
made to surround
strips of oblong bodies, 
who’s demeanor magnifies one's appeal of voyeurism.
And your rooftop garden
allows no meager passerby, 
the chance.

Wright’s Falling Water, 
a seductive rival,
during your time.
Sex on a stone

Jessica Wilson © 2011

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