Floyce Alexander

Floyce Alexander lives in Bemidji, Minnesota, but was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas, grew up in the lower Yakima Valley of Washington state, and has lived in Seattle and Pullman, Washington, Marin County, California, western Massachusetts, and Albuquerque, New Mexico, as well as Mexico City. His books include Bottom Falling Out Of the Dream,(1976), Red Deer, (1982), American Fires, (2003), and The Ice House, (2006); as well as Succor, poems chosen, and with drawings, by Karen Lee Clarke-Alexander (2002). He is also one of the contributing authors to the soon to be released anthology, Men In the Company of Wome, A Men's Anthology of Praise & Persuasion.

Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House is pleased to welcome Floyce to the EAP family.