For Keith by Wyatt Underwood

I knew a man
who warred
way back when
Korea we protected
he came back and shot flies
with a .22
because a .45
would have been overkill
he came back from that too
and found in words
in beauties
in Zen
and finally in love
a calm
that needed no flies to shoot
he played with words
until they celebrated
beauties, Zen, love,
historical houses saved
by people living in them,
secret gardens,
and ghosts,
ghosts of old times
and ghosts of young men
who hurried off to war
because their country sent them,
hurried off and did not return
nor shoot flies with a .22
ghosts of men buried in Korea
and men not buried anywhere
ghosts who came to him for his calm,
his Zen,
and maybe for his beauties, or his love
I knew a man

Wyatt Underwood © 2011