The Girl With Butterfly Eyes by Apryl Skies

Video © Hank Beukema

for Cynthia

A little girl
gazes through her bedroom window
and sees an angel, all wings and light.
“I know why you are here.” She says.
Outside the glass lies a breakable world,
bewildering, unknown,
where hope lies closer than fear
and the only thing closer is to imagine…

A young girl
peers through plastic panes
of a second-hand dollhouse
creating a world without worry;
poseable people, static and stiff,
fabricated, yet far more tangible
than the world outside her window.
Inside this miniature,
manufactured menagerie,
despair is downsized and detached;
this little world,
her refuge and retreat…

She learns to swim
by simply deciding she will.
Defying the boredom of ropes and drifting
she holds her breath, opens her eyes
and treads the water
treads, treads, the water

Seeing the ocean for the first time,
she smiles as eyes do
Rocks jagged, crab-covered,
the hiss of mist and wind.

The becoming of words
with new meaning;
a song now soul-deep,
an expression of time
set to salt and sand,

Collecting shells,
each perfectly, imperfect,
a simple solace and avid attempt
to carry the ocean home,

where hope lies closer than fear
and the only thing closer

is to believe…

Apryl Skies © 2011




















 Apryl Skies by Mai Doughty © 2011
From The Collection Of Poetry by Apryl Skies

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