Gordon Hilgers

Gordon Hilgers, a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, in Nacogdoches, Texas, earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in newswriting as a select student in 1976, and also audited MFA-level creative writing classes (poetry) at 19.  Mr. Hilgers has published in both newspapers and magazines, reviewed books for both The Dallas Morning News and The Dallas Times Herald--as well as in a fun Dallas-Fort Worth 'zine called "arts/dfw" (http://artsdfw.com/), where he served as chief reviewer and satirist for the full run of the 'zine between 1994 and 2000. 

He has published poetry and commentary in the following: Texas Arts Review, The Red River Review, The Boston Literary Review, Lynx (a review of two haiku collections), ppigpenn (http://ppigpenn.blogspot.com/2014), Detour Magazine, Buzzmonger, The Mad Swirl (pseudonymous short-short stories), and many others, including Red Fez.  In addition, Mr. Hilgers served as chief reporter for a  Dallas-area "street newspaper" called Endless Choices, published numerous independent advocacy reports and editorials to educate the people of Dallas, Texas, regarding the lives of the most ghettoized population in the United States, the approximately 1.6 million homeless men, women and children.  His reporting, conducted in cooperation with the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development, and The National Coalition for the Homeless, the North American Street Newspaper Association, and a plethora of community organizers and homelessness-related service providers, so backed The City of Dallas's Department of Health and Environmental Services against the wall that the City was forced to facilitate and organize a HUD-mandated "Contiuum of Care" that now has helped thousands of long-term mentally-ill homeless men, women and children find SRO haven from life on the streets and in the "homelessness/industrial complex", and has also forced the City of Dallas to build a huge, non-religious-based homeless shelter and resource center in downtown Dallas called The Bridge, and is now semi-retired on SSDI disability but also a member of NBC Newsvine's anti-discrimination group, a loosely-linked group that writes on a variety of issues revolving around civil rights and discrimination in the United States in magazines as far-flung as Salon, MSNBC, The New Republic, The Nation and many others.