Haikus by David He

Photo by Apryl Skies © 2011

A Fuchsia Garden

A fuchsia garden

Bursts of color stirs the heart

The silent fireworks

David He © 2011

Photo by Apryl Skies © 2011

A Flower Garden

A flower garden
Hummingbirds hover in air

Creating a song

David He © 2011

David He from China is inspired my nature and its many seasons. His work has a charming simplicity which is expressed in haiku, poetry, and short story. David He is a lovely new addition to Edgar Allan Poet and has been published internationally in various anthologies and online magazines.

Apryl Skies © 2011

   A Roar in the Woods

   A roar in the woods

   Echoing through the valley

   The sound of the wind

David He © 2011