Hank Beukema

Hank Beukema works for a major corporation during the day and has been writing for many years at night. He has been published in many collections including Dufus, Lummox, Words Dance, Durable Goods, No Spring Cleve, Water Said, Denver Syntax and others that he cannot remember. He performs live occasionally, but prefers to stay a hermit and broadcast poetry and lyrics over the Internet with his collection of 403 readings at www.youtube.com/buckmaniac.

He has crossed the country five times hitchhiking, lost a son to a car incident and a wife to cancer. He has lived much of his life addicted to drugs and alcohol. He writes of grief, life and seeking redemption in a world that does everything it can to stop you. He is 61 years old and has been writing sober for six and 1/2 years or would not be here. It has been a pleasure to get to know and be associated with Apryl Skies and EAP.