Her/Mispherectomy by Vox Anon

I have stayed
too long
in your dream I thought
it was my own
I thought I was alone
don't wake up
when inspiration does not come
don't give up
divide the left from
the right side of your brain
when dove & raven are only
distinguishable by name
she lays down the law tween
skinny legs of milk
mountainless valleyless
smiling me in
I have stored up wrath
for when the lips
call the petals "flames"
all birds in your breast
all the angels in your chest
rebel & insurrect
all parallels intersect
the genitalia of insects I am
smaller than the universe
I can't get her out of my head
I curse the day night became day
are you thinking of me?
opposites attract they say
are you thinking of me?
I have prayed too long
it sounds like no one is
listening but you & you have
already answered me YES
Yes to everything

Vox Anon © 2011

Boulevard of Broken Toys  © E.L. Freifeld