Insulation by Jerry Garcia

Oh baby, you were 
so out of control,
falling out of your
dance dress
under a narcotic 
evening moon

You thought 
you still had it together.

You screeched red terror.
I thought your heart 
would tear open right there.
So loudly you roared 
 “I don’t care”
and at that point I saw
the switch to your wits
shut down its current.  

That’s right
you didn’t care.
You didn’t worry about 
the confusion of uppers 
or downers

You didn’t lose sleep over
thoughts of dehydration 
impending starvation.
So quickly, 
like a sponge out of water 
your In Style body
became dried flesh.

Now you sprawl on cigarette butts 
and dried chewing gum 
stiletto heels 
awkwardly side-steps 
your skeletal frame, 

you’ve doubled your pleasure

—right onto the streets.

Jerry Garcia © 2011