Interview - Jerry Garcia

Do you have a favorite quote? Your's or one by whom you admire?

“Don’t run when you can walk, don’t walk when you can stand, don’t stand when you can sit.” Anonymous

What projects do you have going on right now?

I’m trying to revive a screenplay that I started twenty-five years ago.  It needs a lot of work, I find I am a very different writer these many years later. I’ve also started to break that screenplay into a series of poems.   

My enduring project is a manuscript of poems inspired by and about  music heroes.  It also crosses into other pop-culture icons and styles.

Will you be reading at any local events in the near future?

I always think the last reading I did is the last I will ever do. :)  Nothing firm to report.

To you, what qualifies as good poetry? 

To me good poetry has a rhythm that harmonizes with images and conveys the writer’s time and place, reflections and passions.

What do you try and avoid doing when you write?

Cliché, triteness and over-sentimentality. 

What is your advice to young or new writers?

Sing!  (paint, dance or whittle)   Enhance your writing by practicing other art forms.  And, of course, read and listen to other’s work.

In regards to your writing what has been your biggest challenge?

Staying focused on the page in front of me.  

In regards to your writing what has been your biggest success or how do you measure your success with your craft?

I’m not sure I’ve figured that out yet.  

You often tread the dark waters with your work, but always with a sense of higher wisdom, how are you able to balance these two worlds? 

Well, first of all, thank you for that remark.  I often wonder if I am doing a balancing act.  In some verse sunlight breaks through the clouds and other times it remains hidden for days.  I try to keep a sense of humor about it, thought I don’t think it always comes through. 

Who are some of your favorite local poets? 

There is a boatload of poets to choose from.  I am partial to my mentors Laurel Ann Bogen and Michael C Ford. Additionally Frank Gaspar, Luis Rodriguez and Sarah Maclay.  Not sure how local SF is, but Lawrence Ferlinghetti should be in there also.

Who are some of your favorite readers you have seen perform?

Phillip Levine, Billy Collins were a thrill to see.  Of course anyone above.

You are featured in rick Lupert's new Anthology The Night Goes On All Night, what of your work is included? Tell us a little about this?

Rick included my poem “Reading Hammet with Laurel Ann Bogen.”  I was inspired to write this poem after hearing Laurel Ann’s “Detective Supremo” noir poetry series.  

What inspires you the most?

The collaboration that comes in music and filmmaking.