Jessica Wilson Cardenas


Jessica Wilson Cardenas, Author of Marie Morrison, is an observational poet from the City of Angeles who, having been strongly inspired by her husband Juan,  recently began incorporating music into her written word.

 As a strong supporter of poetics and the arts, Jessica is MC of several venues throughout the Los Angeles, bringing the voices of Los Angeles to the mic and into the light with her infectious enthusiasm.

As founder of Writes Wednesdays at Bob's Espresso Bar in North Hollywood, Los Angeles Poets Society, Writers' Row: Downtown LA's Written Art Showcase, and the SoapBox Poets of Venice Beach, and an L.A. Organizer for 100 Thousand Poets/Musicians for Change -- a global movement that uses creative expression to advocate and implement change in our world!

Jessica is truly a pillar of strength for this poetic Renaissance of Los Angeles.


The Mind a Dormant Stone





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