Joie Schmidt

Joie Schmidt is a writer, inspirational poet/artist, and author of "Keep Joy in a Pocket & Love in a Heart Locket!" and “Dreams of the Heart” volumes 1 & 2, compilation books of poetry about life, love, loss and hope; collections created to show others that through life’s ups and downs, your heart will always shine brighter and stronger. A main theme within the “Dreams of the Heart” collection is the idea that every dream in one’s heart is “bursting beautiful” and that “the only limits in life are those we place upon ourselves, in other words, you have no limits!”
Currently, Schmidt is working on the novel series of her dreams as well as writing a TV show "tween" series for "Kids on the Porch" inspired by a true news story. The series was purposefully created and produced by Rayna Ray, to support anti-bullying efforts to protect today's youth. 

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She is also a contributing writer for "Smith Publish" also known as “SPMG Media”, a company that has approximately 1.4 million worldwide subscribers and approximately 30,000 local targeted community subscribers with the following publications: Authors & Artists Magazine, Christian Community Magazine, Los Angeles Community Newspaper, Carson/South Bay Community Newspaper & Inland Empire Magazine. 
On a daily basis, she consistently supports the dreams and hopes of others, knowing that truly ...

“We must be the change we wish to see in the world” ~Mahatma Ghandi 

Through working with non-profit organizations like The New Writers
 as "Creative Outreach" and 

as a volunteer ambassador to help spread the word, among charity efforts Joie Schmidt is as inspiring as they come.
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