Kaleidoscopic Collisions

(For Marc Chagall)


there is wind inside my head
soon I will fly

but for now
help me weep

paint me across that ceiling
show both Luscher bruise
and stained glass breakage

light has a life
of its own

but it can spare a moment to 
penetrate body and heal

this could be a song

as night surrenders
to a dawn nearly golden

I am still here

losing a game to the Cheshire
whose grin grinds this out 
into old soft serve

the new soft shoe
breaks itself in
first step of this dance
is more a leap of blood

the cool cream of her eyes
consistent as the highest apple
falling from a tree
that others have written about
from outside of her shade

find me inside that shadow
teaching colours to the blind

in bullets of Braille
that pop pure feeling

William Crawford © 2011



                Photography by Apryl Skies ©2012

    William Crawford