Katie Bickell

"When a Daddy's in Heaven,
He loves you just the same.
His voice carries in the wind,
Still whispering your name.”

Owner of the writing business, YMF Writing Services, editor of BeautyBliss Magazine, and winner of the 2011 writer’s award, The Voices of Motherhood, for her essay, “The Joy of Being Kicked,” Katie Bickell is also the author of the books, “Sunbeams,” “Hope is in Our Hands,” and the upcoming novel, The Last Ordinary Day. Originally from Slave Lake, AB, Katie lives in Sherwood Park, AB, with her daughters, Cailena and Chloe, her husband, Freddy, and a beagle named Tweak. Katie believes that arts should shine light on what is true, celebrate what is good, and offer hope to humanity, which is what she strives to accomplish with her work.

You can read more of Katie’s published work on her webpage: KatieBickell.blogspot.com

Sunbeams by Katie Bickell uses simple, idyllic poetry and natural photography to demonstrate the immortal and boundless love that a father has for his child. With 100% of book proceeds donated to Vinly Janke, a boy who lost his father just weeks before his birth, Sunbeams provides comfort to all children who need reminded of how cherished they are.