L K Thayer

L. K. Thayer also known as Lisa Thayer is an actor, photographer and poet. She became a member of The Actor’s Studio, one of it’s youngest members ever, at the age of 22, with Lee Strasberg accepting her on her first audition. Lisa went on to do many plays in LA and NYC winning her first DramaLogue Award for the Russian farce, “The Suicide” directed by Florinel Fatulescu. She won her 2nd DramaLogue for “Balm in Gilead" in the role of “Ann” a prostitute, directed by Sal Romeo. L. K. is currently studying ‘Method Writing’ with Jack Grapes in Los Angeles, her poem “Ticker Tape Charade” will appear in the poetry edition of ONTHEBUS, published by Bomb Shelter Press. She has read her poetry with Eve Branstein's "Poetry In Motion" at Beyond Baroque in Santa Monica and The Hotel Cafe in Hollywood with Tongue & Groove and at The Stella Adler Theatre in Hollywood. She is also part of the “Waiting For Jack” (Kerouac) ensemble that tours Los Angeles. L.K. has 5 ‘Chapbooks’ of poetry, Cat’s Cradle, Melancholy Stew, Rapture & Rust, On The Edge Of Anywhere and Praises From A Tenor Sax. She wrote and sang on the CD Mouth2Mouth with Brian BecVar and has performed at Ghengis Cohen and the famous  Canter's Kibbitz Room. “Poetry has become one of my closest friends.” Also, photography, my newest passion, take a look at my site” L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish! L.K. has also co-produced the event “The Jazz Poets Social Club” at Elderberries Cafe in Hollywood.  She is part of the poet trio “Girls Just Wanna Write Poems” with Susan Hayden & Eve Brandstein. Watch out for her new book “Whores Don’t Kiss” poems & fotos by L. K. Thayer (coming soon!) L. K. was also  featured reading for the series “Sparring with the Beatnik Ghosts” at Beyond Baroque & The Stella Adler Theatre, June, 2011.