Lecter's Lecture

Greetings guests
one and all to a
one of a kind lecture
given by one of the
most twistedly brilliant
minds to ever enter a
presentation hall.

May I present
for your odd and
off center pleasure
the schemingly quiet
Dr. Hannibal Lecter.

Ah dear children
let us begin with
a skillet and stove
the frying of human
served alone in plain
white bread have no
fear dear soul you'll
feel better now that
your dead.

The forearm is
grilled at 420 degrees
please come forward,
I don't want to save
all these goodies just
for me.

Eye balls minus the
pupils on a stick.
please escort yourself
out quietly if you begin
to feel sick.

A severed thigh
eaten raw in my
cell. dear listeners
There are boundless
recipes to tell.
a plump heart
sitting adorningly
on a metal plate.

Fingers sitting there
lonely are lovingly

placed on a bun
now that, with plasma
sauce is what I call
finger sandwiches
what fun!!.

Just calling a friend
for a special dinner date.

God help you
I hope they catch
me before it's too

Sean C. Theall

*Previously published in
The Poet's Address &
Gothic Verses: The Halloween Collection
by Sean C. Theall

Photo © Sean C. Theall