Lois Michal Unger



Lois Michal Unger is a colorful woman with a colorful history.  At the age of 11, she had decided she was going to be a poet and pursued her writing into her teen years when she switched gears, deciding to pursue an acting career which she continued working at until meeting and marrying Elazar Larry Freifeld, a writer. They married, and after producing two children, made the decision to relocate and live a rural life in Vermont where they lived with no electricity or running water. During these years, Lois's love of writing had been rekindled and has continued to burn brightly since. In 1978, she gave birth to their third child, and four years later, the family relocated to Tel Aviv, Israel where they continue to reside and write.

    "Lois Unger never blinks. She tells the truth as she sees  it whether it is about the world she lives in or her inner 
~Karen Alkalay-Gut

       "Lois Unger is among the most outstanding of the group of immigrant (to Israel) poets writ-in English. I know her poetry well, and have translated some of her poems into Hebrew.

She demonstrates a rare mixture of stylistic simplicity and honesty of expression, both inintimate private and public national subjects."
~ Moshe Shamir

Lois is the author of several poetry collections entitled, Tomorrow We Play Beersheva, The Glass Lies Shattered All Around and White Rain in Jerusalem. She also had had her work featured in numerous online publications and has her work featured in the newly released, In The Company Of Women, An Anthology of Wit & Wisdom, Sass & Class (March 2012).