M. Frias-May

M. Frias-May is a native Californian, born in Santa Ana in 1956, and presently on the central coast of California with his best friend, lover, and muse, his wife of decades, Juanita. They have three grown children who were raised with humor and knowing they would have to start working with the old man at the restaurant when they turned 13. Besides his restaurant career that spanned from 1983 to 2004 (washing dishes, busing tables, bartending, cooking & managing), Frias-May has cleaned pools, picked lily bulbs, worked newspapers and was rejected by military recruiters for being too educated and having too many kids. He enjoys keeping his plants alive and playing blues runs on a small-bodied Martin folk guitar that he purchased in 1974 for $200. He’s been sober for two years. He’s written screenplays (Juarez), plays (Morro Bay Noir), novels (Psychonaut, Pinocchia, Devil on Dialysis), short stories and poetry. His novella (The Longest Suicide Note by Stanley K) is at The Kings English and has received a Million Writers’ Award nomination for best online story for 2005. His poetry can be read at Angry Poet, My Favorite Bullet, Coe Review, & Static Movement.

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