Meet the Artists

Edgar & Lenore's Publishing House is now featuring the art and photography by some of the most talented artists across the globe. 

Amedeo Bezeret - Artist

Alexis Rhone Fancher - Author/Photographer/Poet

Annette Marie Hyder - Poet/Artist

Apryl Skies - Artist/Poet/Photographer

Aunia Kahn - Artist/Poet

B. Morino - Illustrator

Carl Scharwath - Photographer/poet

Carlos Scalise - Artist/Poet

Colleen McLaughlin - Artist/Photographer

Dan Capriotti - Photographer/Poet

Dov Gertzweig - Artist

Hank Beukema - Spoken Word/Voiceover Artist

Janet Snell - Artist

L.K. Thayer - Photographer/Poet

Steven Hartman - Artist