Niall Rasputin

Niall Rasputin lives on a houseboat in SE Louisiana. He is in love with the swamp, but often has secret trysts with the stars. He believes that laughter and song are the finest of all opiates. He writes his madnesses and passions down as a form of daily exorcism. He will never understand his own species, but will die trying. He is never wrong, because he refuses to know anything. He is 245 in dog years. Niall’s work has been published, or accepted for future publication by Napalm & Novocain, Gutter Eloquence Magazine, The Clockwise Cat, Horror Sleaze Trash, The Writing Disorder and The Shwibly.

We at EAP are happy to welcome Niall and his work not only to our EAP family, but to the pages of our upcoming publications, Poems From the Panty Drawer, and our first annual Journal, 2013.