Immortal Kyn: Part I by Apryl Skies

Matea DeCeasare - A Mother's Last Prayer

Dusk fades unsettled…

In place of all precious hope;
stands tall, a shaded sundial…

Soldiers of King Zarius have turned time
and our own soulful prayers against us…

Evil men lay and wait
to mar and bloody
the swords and hearts
of all calloused men;
pure or innocent,
wrathful or wicked--
like father and mother
sister and brother;

Fear shatters all boundaries with caustic
injustice, if never we rise against!

Awaiting are the chariots
to take us home--

Vengeful, aflame
wheels turn and churn
the beast that growls
from the bowels of uncertain light…

We must flee if we are to harbor
even a fleeting hope.
Your son be born
on tomorrow's pagan moon.

This King's birch-brittle heart,
conceived under a most darkly moon,
to take from me all my ever buoyancy;
hope; now a spark
only as bright as the faintest of stars…

Ever this stygian flame of justice;
turning dust to glass,
glass to gold--
charring black to white;
setting every innocent soul
fire-shined and free.

We are softer than skin more fragile than bone.
Our blood; thick and immortal by the breath of
this tale we will echo through all the dark edges
of eternity…

This blue lament
my heart does paint
the florescent grays of fog,
engulfing all visions
of pain versus hope
a mother with child mourns
this manfather of words;
all of patient brilliancy.


Unexpected words escape lips…
blood on cold finger tips
the fears and tears of every weeping child
drip the oceans into being…

As it were…

The sea is a reservoir of tears
never soothed, not once, but ever
for they are purity,
the salt-wine of our every sorrow,
the absence of comfort in storm,
loss of breath from beauty
and the absence of color…

The cold of this King's heart
will freeze the mountains
where love is buried;
lay to rest, a mass grave,
no headstone to mark it's place…

Prepare a haven for me, Oh Lord...

apryl skies © 2011

Part II