Immortal Kyn: Part III by Apryl Skies

A Visionary's Broken Faith

Promise guides me to water
and I watch her drink;
a fawn in the distance,
so delicate,
turns it's hazel, global eye
straight through me--
she can smell my hunger from afar
and her belly stirs and churns
for she knows that I am a sinner.

Unaware is she
that I am unarmed for such battle
stealing away; she vanishes
into the camouflage distance--
her song of goodbye
feeds the surrounding trees…

Upon a hollowed shell
of a peripheral hornbeam,
just out of my solid vision
a golden, velvety moss points north,
I turn my head and follow.

The nomadic night soon takes hold
and my senses dim
but my determined soul
lights this precarious path
through these endlessly
darkening woods of Gallowan
footprints in mud and sand remain,
the soft earth catches
and holds my tired feet
though weary they venture onward…
as the wind whispers my name once more.

"Elijah, Be… Not… Afraid."

It echoes in the form
of rustling leaves and shadows
and blows a thousand grassy breaths
through my tangled, onyx hair.
the moon appears a darkened shade of night--
upon this indigo lunar spectacle
the beastly moon does growl.

My fate has stirred my senses,
all I have sought has fallen away
that which I once yearned for
has caused an unforgiving paradox of faith…
A wonderment that has left
my soul yet unfulfilled.
I must continue now
on these step stones of fate
I must follow my destiny
into the darkest of spaces
where even a stygian flame is snuffed…

Where this coiling sea
of darkened black descends
and the sound of fear itself
struggles for the very hint of a burnished star,
brushed under the carpet of earth
where lurid secrets are swept,
just beyond and a little further--
where there is no darker light than this;
there my immortal kin will reside…

And I shall seek him.

apryl skies © 2011

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